About Us

Frienfa Industries was established   in 1977 with the objective to produce  high quality Surgical , Dental,  Veterinary and Orthopedic & Implants Instruments  at  the acceptable price level.

Frienfa  is  well aware  of  the fact that the high level  of  professional training, experience and dedication of personnel  is a  decisive prerequisite  for the successful advancement  of  product quality. Far above  average is the great  deal of manual work which asks not only for skill but also for great empathy. Most modern technologies and manufacturing processes as well as latest  realization with regard to hardening techniques are applied in production. Only best quality material is used to produce the instruments and meet the international norms.

We are specialized in Tungsten Carbide (T.C.) Instruments and are producing Laparoscopy Instruments as well which are the need of today’s surgery.
The Quality Control System is completely equipped for all the company needs and are headed  by enough  staff  to guarantee the best level of  continues renovation and quality control in manufacturing and in distribution. Frienfa has following certifications:-

1- GMP Approved  
2- CE Mark Certified
3- ISO-9001 Certified

It is our firm intention to keep  our capacity, flexibility and organization for the best possible customer service and competitive capacity in the long term.

Frienfa Industries  Khokhar Street No.7  Fateh Garh Sialkot Pakistan.
Tel : +92-52-3557048  Fax: +92-52-3560380
Emails : frienfa@brain.net.pk,  frienfa@skt.comsats.net.pk 
: www.frienfa.com      www.frienfa-ind.com